The Duke Lemur Center (DLC)

By Monika Narain

In this project, I've provided a detailed summary of the many incredible things going on at the Duke Lemur Center, from husbandry to research to horticulture. The DLC is one of the most unique and powerful catalysts for environmental change within the Triangle area and beyond, and I think many people, including myself at the beginning of this project, would be curious and intrigued to learn more about the what, why, and how of the seemingly out-of-place colony of lemurs in Durham, NC. Hopefully, in creating this video, it can inspire others to pay a visit to the center, or even contribute to its efforts through donations or volunteer work.

I've had an incredible time completing this project, and have learned more about prosimians, ecology, and animal care than I'd ever thought I would within my undergraduate career. I'd like to sincerely thank Erin Hecht, the Student & Volunteer Programs Coordinator at the DLC, for enabling this project to begin with, and being so enthusiastic, helpful, and kind at every step of the way. Hope everyone enjoys the show!